2023 Stake referral code – get your free stock!

Are you interested in investing in US and ASX 200 stocks but not sure where to start? Look no further than hellostake.com. With a referral code of roryd473, you can access Stake, a commission-free app and website for purchasing these stocks.

HelloStake is a popular choice in Australia and New Zealand, providing users with the opportunity to invest in the US stock market. Right now, hellostake.com is offering stock bonuses for those who join using a referral code. Sign up for the Stake app and enter the code roryd473 in 2023 for a chance to win a free Stake stock worth $10 to $100.

Stake: A Zero-Cost Stockbroker for US Stocks and ETFs

Stake is a zero-cost stockbroker based in Australia that specializes in US stocks and ETFs. It was founded in 2017 and operates in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Brazil. Stake’s platform is overseen by regulations and client funds are insured up to $500,000. In the past, Australians faced high costs when trading US stocks and ETFs, but platforms like HelloStake and Spaceship Voyager have made it possible to do so without paying commissions.

One of the main advantages of using Stake is cost savings. By eliminating commission fees, Stake allows you to maximize your profits and minimize your costs. This is especially appealing for those who plan to invest a large amount of money over time.

Stake Referral Code

Opening an account with Stake

Opening an account with Stake is easy and can be done online. The platform is user-friendly and well-designed. Stake earns revenue by charging an FX conversion fee when you fund your account through AUD (bank transfer or credit card).

It is then converted to USD. Stake is an affordable platform and is highly competitive compared to other Australian stock exchanges.

Once you’ve opened an account with Stake, you’ll have access to a wide range of investment options. In addition to individual stocks like Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, and Tesla, you can also invest in ETFs from Vanguard and other firms. Stake has expert investor opinions on various companies to help its customers make profitable investments.

How do stake’s fee’s compare to competitors?

Stake offers commission-free stock and ETF trading on US markets. While the basic Stake account has no trading or inactivity fees, there are some fees associated with deposits and withdrawals. The FX fee for depositing and withdrawing is 0.5% or a minimum of $2 for Australian and New Zealand customers.

In addition, there is a $2 bank processing fee for withdrawals. Australian customers also have the option to deposit using credit or debit cards, but there is a fee of 2% of the amount or a minimum of $2 for this option. If you opt for the premium Stake Black account, you’ll be charged an additional $9 per month for additional services.

Stake Black – A Premium Account Subscription Service

In addition to its standard offering, Stake recently launched Stake Black, a premium account subscription service designed for advanced investors. Some of the benefits of Stake Black include:

  • Instant Buying Power: With Stake Black, you don’t have to wait the typical T+2 days for sales to settle in the US market. You have instant purchasing power, allowing you to reinvest money from a sale as soon as it is completed. This fast trading of US equities and ETFs makes Stake a unique experience in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Expert Opinions and Valuable Advice: Get the most recent express access to Wall Street and analyze the stock valuations of successful executives to form a more informed opinion about a company or stock before investing.
  • Price Targets: Making decisions about buying or selling out of a position is never easy, but with Stake Black, you have access to pricing targets that allow you to evaluate how others value the company’s stock. These targets are based on collective analyst valuations and can help you make informed choices.

How to Redeem Your Free Stock

Follow these steps to redeem your free stock:

  • Find a referral code: You will need to obtain a referral code from an existing Stake user in order to participate in the promotion. You can try asking friends or family members who use the platform or you can use the stake referral code roryd473.
  • Sign up for an account: Go to the Stake website and follow the prompts to create a new account. When prompted, enter the referral code roryd473 you received in step 1.
  • Meet the requirements: In order to qualify for the stake-free stock, you may need to meet specific requirements, such as making a minimum deposit or completing a certain number of trades within a particular time frame. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully to understand what you need to do to qualify.
  • Claim your free stock: If you meet the requirements of the promotion, you should be eligible to receive your free stock. The details of how to claim it will depend on the specific terms of the promotion, so be sure to follow the instructions provided.


Stake is a reliable, cost-effective platform for investing in US stocks and ETFs. Its user-friendly design and wide range of investment options make it a top choice for individuals. If you want to get a free stock worth up to $100US – sign up with Stake today.

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