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If you’ve been within the survey community for a while or just getting started, then you’re in the perfect place. Currently, Octopus Group is one of the best survey providers in Australia and is offering incentives to new participants to start doing surveys for cash on their site.

Octopus Group over the past few years has been steadily rising in the number of active members because of their exceptional offers. As a result, for the past few years, the Octopus Group has been known as the best-paying survey provider in Australia. They have been working hard to spread the word about their group, and therefore, we are here to offer you a link to these exclusive promotions and benefits to new survey partakers, providing you with the best way to make money online at home in Australia. If this interests you then can [sign-up] up here to get the bonus of an additional $1 per survey that you complete. That’s why this Octopus Group Promo Code For 2022 is going to be so important for you.

Potential Earnings with Octopus Group

In my past experience with surveys online, Octopus Group seems to pay the most. However, there seem to be fewer surveys to complete than on other sites. 

Most other online survey sites have different hourly rates for different surveys, however, the way Octopus Group has done it is with a set rate per minute of survey time completed. Therefore, for all time completed on their site, the per-minute value is always the same. 

This is what makes Octopus group stand out in comparison to other online survey companies in Australia or internationally. The rough hourly rate of $16.80 per hour is great for having just to express your opinions on different products.

Here are some of my results with Octopus Group:

What is Octopus Group?

Octopus Group is an online survey-providing platform that lets you voice your opinions online and get paid rewards that you can redeem for gift cards or cash straight into your Australian bank through bank transfer. Octopus Group is most known for its fantastic payment rate, aiming to pay $19 an hour, which is incomparable to other online survey platforms. 

Octopus Group is one of my personal favourite apps for surveys as they pay directly to your bank for any amount over $20. If you sign up for Octopus Group with a promotion code you can get a head-start to earn money today, rather than tomorrow.

Signing Up for Octopus Group

Head over to Octopus Group and register for a free account. Fill in all of the correct details otherwise in my experience it can negatively impact the number of survey opportunities you have. 

Include all your information such as your first and last name and email address correctly. 

Then enter your contact information including your email address and mobile number correctly. Once you’ve successfully completed this page you must read and agree to the various terms and conditions. 

Proceed through and you’ll start on the homepage, where you can enter the additional information to ensure you get the most accurate surveys possible, limiting the risk of being screened out and wasting time.

Octopus Group Compared

If you’re interested in Octopus Group then there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of other survey apps within Australia such as Freecash. You may ask how Octopus Group compares to competitors. 

Hourly rate: Octopus Group gives a minimum of $16.80 an hour, while Freecash doesn’t have a set minimum. 

Withdrawals: Octopus Group allows users to withdraw through bank transfers and gift cards. Free cash has a much larger variety of withdrawals including cryptocurrency, PayPal, gift cards and more. 
Earnings potential: Both have great earnings potential, however, it really depends on the amount of time you’re willing to put into completing surveys. If you want to spend the minimum amount of time for the most rewards then Octopus Group will be for you.

Best way to complete surveys

At times, online survey-taking can be frustratingly time-consuming. Over the years, survey designs have improved significantly, especially with Octopus surveys, but it’s still not uncommon to experience fatigue when you’re faced with seemingly endless lists of questions that’ll require you to answer the same way. 

Limiting being screened out is one of the most important steps to making sure you succeed with Octopus Group and for that matter most survey sites. You need to ensure that you answer all quality checks correctly. A quality check is a question mixed with other normal questions that’s just to ensure that you’re trying to answer these surveys to the best of your ability. 

Market research’s number one concern when administering a survey is data quality. Survey takers completing surveys quickly isn’t a concern in itself so much as the impact it has on their answers. 

Keep in mind that researchers are aware that you may be naturally fast. But if your account fails other quality checks, your account may be flagged, or even banned. If the survey offers a particularly lucrative incentive, pay attention to how quality you’re completing this survey as these surveys may be monitored more closely. If you’re taking these surveys more rapidly, for example, half the time to complete the survey than non-speeding counterparts, you may be flagged and screened out, which you can avoid. Therefore, to limit screening out on Octopus Group Surveys, be reasonable about it and don’t allow your answers to become junk data, because as you’d understand your data is important.


In my experience, It is the highest-paying survey site in Australia, however, the lack of surveys means that you can’t potentially make any more than $150 per week. If you are still interested in making money with surveys you really can’t go wrong with Octopus Group especially if you’re signing up for multiple sites.

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